Is German Shepherd Banned In India 2024?

Is German Shepherd Banned In India

Is German Shepherd Banned In India Or Not? 👇 There isn’t a nationwide ban on German Shepherds in India. However, as of March 2024, the central government recommended a ban on importing, breeding & selling certain dog breeds like Rottweilers & Mastiffs. The decision is up to each state. But, some cities, like Bengaluru, already … Read more

Does Rohu Fish Have Bones?

Does Rohu Fish Have Bones

Do you want to know does rohu fish have bones? Yes, Rohu fish does have bones. It is a freshwater fish commonly found in South Asia & is popular for its mild & slightly sweet taste. When cooking Rohu fish, it is important to be careful of the bones while eating. Benefits Of Eating Rohu … Read more

Is Rohu Fish Good For Uric Acid?

Is Rohu Fish Good For Uric Acid

Yes, Rohu fish is generally considered good for managing uric acid levels in the body. It is a lean source of protein that is low in purines, which are substances that can increase uric acid levels & trigger gout attacks in individuals who are sensitive to them. Benefits Of Rohu Fish For Uric Acid Rohu … Read more