7 Best Small Dog Breeds in India With Price

small dog breeds in India

In India, we love dogs so much because of our culture, seen in movies, etc. Many people want to have small dog breeds in India because in tier-1 cities (Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad) we get small houses under Rs. 1-2 crores. Another reason is that small dogs in India can survive in any weather … Read more

23 Banned Dog Breeds in India

We all love dogs as pets so much & want to have unique dog breeds who can become our friends & protect ourselves. But, dog bites to humans are increasing rapidly. As per the Hindustan Times, many dog-bitten deaths have been seen. In Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh (Tuesday, 12 March), 20 people were injured because of … Read more

What Do Catfish Eat?

does catfish have bones

The catfish is a species of freshwater fish known for its whisker-like barbels and flattened, body shape. What Do Catfish Eat: Catfish primarily eat small fish, insects, crustaceans, and plants. They are skilled predators, capable of adapting their diet to their surroundings, and can consume a wide range of food sources. What Do Catfish Eat? … Read more

Why Are Blue Catfish a Problem?

are fish reptiles

Catfish are a type of fish found in freshwater lakes and rivers.  Let’s find out why a blue catfish is a problem! Why Are Blue Catfish a Problem: Blue catfish are considered a problem mainly because they are an invasive species.  These fish can rapidly reproduce, outcompete native species for food and habitat, and disrupt … Read more

When Blue Catfish Become Blue?

When Blue Catfish Become Blue

Catfish are freshwater fish with barbels (whisker-like appendages) on their faces. They vary in size and are popular in fishing. Let’s find out when blue catfish become blue! When Blue Catfish Become Blue: Baby Blue Catfish grow up and turn bright blue as they get older. It’s like their special color that shows up when … Read more

Can Catfish Live Without Air Pump?

Can Catfish See At Night

Catfish live in both fresh and salty water. Lots of people like to keep them in aquariums. Let’s find out if they can live without an air pump! Can Catfish Live Without Air Pump: Yes, many catfish can live without an air pump. They get oxygen from the water’s surface. Can Catfish Live Without an … Read more

Can Catfish Attack Humans?

why is catfish banned in India

Catfish is a type of freshwater fish recognized by its long, whisker-like barbels and flat head.  Let’s find out whether a catfish attack humans! Can Catfish Attack Humans: Catfish are usually not aggressive towards humans, but some large species might become a risk if they feel provoked or cornered. Although it’s not common, there have … Read more

Can a Catfish Walk on Land?

Can Catfish See At Night

Catfish are fish that live in freshwater. They’re recognized for their whisker-like barbels and bodies without scales.  Let’s find out if they can walk on land! In Short: No, catfish can not walk on land. Because they are specially built for life in the water. Can a Catfish Walk on Land? No, catfish can’t walk … Read more