German Shepherd Bite Force PSI

There is a study conducted by the Journal of Anatomy found that a German Shepherd dog has a strong bite force from 238 to 262 pounds PSI (per square inch) on average.

The German shepherd bite is stronger than other dog bite forces which has around 269 PSI.

German Shepherd Bite Force Comparison With Other Breeds

Here is the comparison of:

  • German Shepherd Bite Force vs Pitbull
  • Great Pyrenees vs German Shepherd Bite Force
  • Belgian Malinois vs German Shepherd Bite Force
BreedBite Force (PSI)
German Shepherd238
Great PyreneesAbove 400
Belgian Malinois230-250

Introduction to German Shepherds

german shepherd bite force
german shepherd bite force

A German Shepherd is a smart dog and people love it for its loyalty, versatility, and skills for various tasks.

Physical Characteristics

  • A German Shepherd’s size is medium to large and has a strong body.
  • I own a black German shepherd. But they come in different colors like black and tan, sable, all black, and sometimes black and red.
  • Adult male dog has a height of 24-26 inches & 65-90 pounds weight. Whereas, the female dog has a height of 22-24 inches & 50-70 pounds weight.


  • All German shepherd dogs are intelligent and easily trainable which makes them suitable for various jobs like police & military work, search & rescue, therapy, service, & competitive dog sports.
  • My German dog is loyal, protective, and deeply bonded with me & my family.

Factors Affecting German Shepherd Bite Force

Some factors can affect your German Shepherd’s bite force like genetics, training, age, size, health & diet.

  • Genetics: Because of their genetics, German Shepherd has a strong bite force. 
  • Training: With intense training, a German Shepherd can have a strong bite force. Proper training helps them to improve their jaw strength and bite force.
  • Age and size: A baby German dog can have a weak jaw strength & bite force. But, with time, as they become older, their bite force will get stronger.
  • Health: Bite force will also depend on how healthy the German shepherd is. If they are healthy, they have stronger bite force.
  • Diet: With a healthier diet, your German shepherd can have a stronger bite force. 

Tips for Responsible Ownership of German Shepherd

German Shepherd Bite Force

Your German dog can be harmful to other people if not trained properly. Below, I’ve mentioned some of my tips for training your dog.

  • Socialization: Introduce German Shepherds to new people. So, your dog can learn how to interact with others. This can help them to become aggressive towards other people.
  • Training: Give your German dog proper training & teach them commands and signs to “sit”, “up”, etc.
  • Be a responsible owner: Make yourself a good owner by giving them proper exercise, diet & social interactions to prevent their boredom & make them happy.
  • Ask for professional help: You can hire a professional dog trainer who can help your dog to become more friendly & learn to be a good pet dog.
  • Manage Chewing Behaviour: Your German dog can have the habit of chewing things which can damage their jaws. So, give them soft chew toys & change them weekly to avoid any infections.

Myths vs. Facts in German Shepherds

Here are some of the #myths & #facts, which I’m going to clear.

Myth 1: German Shepherds have the strongest bite force compared to any dog breed.

                                                               Fact 👇

I agree that a German Shepherd has a strong bite force, but it does not have the strongest bite force when compared with other dog breeds. 

A study by National Geographic shows that the bite force of a German Shepherd is around 238 pounds of pressure.

When I do the comparison:

Dog Breed Bite Force (in pounds)
German Shepherd 238

You can see in the above table, that a kangal & rottweiler have a stronger bite force than a German Shepherd.

Myth 2: German Shepherds are aggressive and prone to biting.

                                                               Fact 👇

With proper training & exercise, you can train your dog to be gentle & calm. As you know, the German Shepherd is an intelligent dog breed that can adapt to any nature.

Myth 3: German Shepherds have a “locking” jaw mechanism, making it impossible for them to let go once they bite.

                                                               Fact 👇

This is a common misconception, but for your information – No dog breed has a locking jaw mechanism.

Myth 4: German Shepherds cannot be trusted around children or small animals due to their strong bite force.

                                                               Fact 👇

This is the myth, but a German Shepherd can peacefully live with your children or any other pets. If you give them proper training, exercise & diet which can help them to reduce their aggression.

Some Safety Precautions & Awareness

A German Shepherd is a loyal & intelligent dog that can be a good pet. But, without proper training, any dog can become aggressive. 

So, it is crucial to know some safety precautions. As I own a German Shepherd, below are some personal tips that can be effective.

  • Approach with caution: You should always approach your dog slowly & calmly. And try to avoid making sudden movements or noises which can make your dog aggressive.
  • Ask for permission: If you’re not the dog’s owner, you should ask the owner. Because a dog can be nervous when seeing strangers.
  • Give personal space: You should give your dog a personal space when they want to eat or sleep.
  • Watch for warning signs: You should pay attention to their warning signs like growling, baring teeth, raised hackles & stiff body language. If you see any signs, slowly go back.
  • Avoid triggering situations: You should avoid rough playing or teasing with the dog because they can become aggressive. Also, you can avoid them when they are caring for their puppies or in a tense situation.
  • Train and socialize your dog: As I already told you about training & socializing your dog, you should understand that it is very essential. Give them proper training, exercise & diet to prevent their aggressive behaviour.
  • Avoid Eye Contact: A German dog can become aggressive, if you make direct eye contact with them because they can pretend, you want to fight with them. So, you should avoid eye contact with any dog.

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Which dog has highest bite force?

The Kangal dog has the highest recorded bite force of 734 PSI among dog breeds.

Can a German Shepherd bite break bones?

A German Shepherd’s powerful jaw may potentially break bones if it bites with enough force.

Can a German Shepherd bite its owner?

While German shepherds are not known for being aggressive towards their owners, any dog has the potential to bite if they feel threatened or scared.

How should I react if a German Shepherd tries to bite me?

It is important to stay calm and avoid making sudden movements if a German Shepherd tries to bite you, as this can escalate the situation further.

Are male or female German Shepherds more likely to bite?

There is no definitive answer as to whether male or female German Shepherds are more likely to bite, as aggression in dogs can be influenced by a variety of factors beyond gender.

Are German Shepherds safe around children?

German Shepherds are known for their loyalty and protective nature, making them safe and gentle companions around children.

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