How Fast Can a German Shepherd Run: Average and Max Speed

For your protection, it is necessary to run your dog very fast and that’s why you want to know how fast can a German Shepherd run.

So, don’t worry!

I have a German shepherd and made so many notes on their speed, health, etc.

In this blog, I will tell you the top speed of a German shepherd. 

SHORT ANSWER: A German Shepherd Can Run up to 30 Miles per hour or 48.2 km per hour.

Where my own German dog can run up to 45 km/hour.

How Fast Can a German Shepherd Run?

A German shepherd can run very fast up to 48.2 km per hour because they have great stamina.

1. Sprint Speed: When we talked about sprint speed, a German Shepherd can run up to 30 mph because they can stretch their legs fully. 

2. Distance Cover Before Getting Tired: Every dog gets tired after running some kilometers. Hence, a German shepherd can run up to 15-20 mph before getting tired.  

3. Flexibility: Nowadays, you should keep a flexible dog. A German shepherd is very fast when we talk about its flexibility, they can suddenly change direction and can jump up to 4-5 feet when in a stand position.

Is German Shepherd the Fastest Dog?

Do you want to buy the fastest dog in the world? And want to know if your German shepherd is the fastest dog or not?

Let me help you to find it.

SIMPLE: No, your German shepherd is not the fastest dog in the world.

But, do not worry, because they are one of the fasted dogs because the German shepherd is strong and flexible.

Why Can German Shepherds Run So Fast?

Now, I will tell you the reason: Why Your German Shepherd Can Run So Fast?

Your German Shepherd can run fast because they have a strong body that is built for speed, flexibility, and endurance.

Let’s understand this in detail:

1. Long, powerful legs: They have long, and powerful legs which help them to move faster, and their strong muscles also help them for quick actions.

2. Lean mass: As you know, if anyone has less fat and weight in their body, then they feel very lightweight. This also happens with dogs.

Your German Shepherd has a lean and less bulky body when compared to any other famous dog and that is why it can so run very fast.

3. Coordinate with Body: When a dog learns to coordinate with their body then it can run fast.

A German Shepherd knows how they can coordinate with both legs (front and hind legs) which helps them to run quickly.

4. High Energy Levels: As I already told you, German shepherds are strong and have high energy levels.

That is why your German shepherd likes to enjoy chasing, running, and playing at full speed. 

German Shepherd Speed Compared to Other Breeds

In the below table, I’m trying to make a comparison of your German shepherd with other dogs.

BreedAverage Speed (mph)
Greyhound40 – 45
Saluki35 – 40
Afghan Hound35 – 40
Vizsla30 – 40
German Shepherd22 – 30
Golden Retriever20 – 30
Labrador Retriever20 – 25
Siberian Husky20 – 25
Boxer20 – 25
Dalmatian20 – 25
Beagle18 – 20
Bulldog15 – 20

Do German Shepherds Slow Down With Age?

This question might make you nervous. 

So, Yes, your German Shepherd can slow down with age and when they get slower it depends on the dog’s health, care, diet, and environment.

The reason why your German shepherd can slow down in age:

1. Reduced Energy Levels: As humans slow down with age. Similarly, German shepherd energy levels can reduce with age and they are not interested in doing high-intensity activities.

2. Joint Issues: With age, your German shepherd can face joint issues for example arthritis which can affect their flexibility and running.

3. Decreased Stamina: Stamina helps the dog to engage in activities for a long time.

But with time, your German shepherd can feel the low endurance problem and can not engage in running.

4. Muscle Mass Loss: With time, your German shepherd can lose muscle mass which can affect your dog’s health, strength, and speed

5. Changes in Vision and Hearing: After getting older, your German shepherd’s vision and hearing can be lost and they may be not confident to run faster. 

How To Train Your German Shepherd to Become Faster?

Now, here is the solution that you can follow to improve your German Shepherd speed.

Below are some tips:

1. Regular Exercise: To improve your dog’s speed, you can give them a moderate level of exercise like running and playing to build muscle strength.

2. Interval Training: You can give them interval training which requires intense physical activity and then rest for some time. 

3. Sprint Training: Find a wide area of space and then give your dog sprint training like running a full speed for a short distance and then slowly increasing the distance.

4. Fetch Games: Fetch games can improve dog speed such as a ball or toy to run with.

5. Positive Reinforcement: Getting a reward for something always motivates anyone. So, reward your dog with treats, praise, and toys after exercise.

6. Proper Nutrition: Exercise is necessary but giving proper nutrition is also very important.

So, give them a proper nutrients diet that will help them to become stronger & faster.

How is a German Shepherd’s Speed Used by Society?

A German Shepherd can used by society in many ways for their purposes. 

Here are some ways:

1. Police and Military Work: You may already seen German shepherds in movies that are used for Police and Military Work.

They can use their speed and intelligence for various tasks such as tracking and patrolling.

2. Service Dogs: A German Shepherd can help alone people improve their emotional state or who are disabled.

3. Therapy Dogs: Research conducted by ncbi that shows dogs can help to improve people’s mental states.

A German Shepherd can also help to reduce people’s loneliness and many problems.

5. Competitive Sports: People use German Shepherds in various sports like agility trials and Schutzhund (a German dog sport that focuses on tracking, obedience, and protection work) to showcase their intelligence.

6. Guard and Security Work: A German shepherd can be very good at a guard role or security work because of their speed and intelligence.

Health Issues that Affect German Shepherd Speed

As humans, we have various health issues that affect our work. Similarly, health issues can affect your dog’s speed.

Health issues that may affect your dog’s speed:

1. Hip Dysplasia: This type of disease is common in dogs and may happen because the hip joint does not fit into the hip socket properly which can lead to pain.

2. Elbow Dysplasia: It is similar to hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia can happen because of the malformation of the elbow joint that can cause discomfort in your dog’s ability.

3. Spinal Issues: There is a condition called intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) or spondylosis which can affect the spine. Hence, your dog can face pain and weakness.

4. Muscle Injuries: If your dog gets injuries in their muscles, especially in the hindquarters then that will impact your dog’s running speed. 

5. Thyroid Disorders: Hypothyroidism, a deficiency in thyroid hormone, can lead to lethargy and a decrease in overall energy levels.

6. Heart Conditions: Just like humans, a dog can also get heart issues which can affect their stamina and ability.

7. Obesity: Your dog can gain weight which will affect their running speed.

8. Ligament Injuries: The German Shepherd can get ligament injuries  which can decrease running speed

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How Fast Can a German Shepherd Run 100 Meters?

A German Shepherd can run up to 20-30 miles per hour (32- 48 kmph) in a short time.

Do German Shepherds run faster than pit bulls?

Yes, German Shepherds are faster than pit bulls.

Can a German Shepherd run 10km?

Yes, a healthy German Shepherd can run 10 kilometers (approximately 6.2 miles). 

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