How Much Are Koi Fish?

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  • How Much Are Koi Fish?
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In Short: Koi fish can cost anywhere from $5 for small ones to more than $200,000 for large.

How Much Are Koi Fish?

Koi fish prices can differ a lot, but here’s a rough idea:

SizeTypePrice Range
2-6 inchesBaby koi (tosai)$5 – $45
6-12 inchesJuvenile pet koi$25 – $150
12-18 inchesYoung adult koi$150 – $500
18-24 inchesMature adult koi$250 – $2,500
24-36 inchesJumbo/champion koi$1,000 – $50,000
36+ inchesGrand champion koi$10,000 – $200,000+

Types of Koi Fish With Prices

Here is a table of some common types of koi fish and their price ranges:

Type of KoiDescriptionTypical Price Range
KohakuWhite body with red patterns$25-$250
Taisho SankeWhite with red & black patterns$30-$500
Showa SankeBlack with red & white patterns$30-$1,000+
TanchoRed spot on white body$30-$1,000
AsagiSky blue on the top half, reddish bottom$30-$250
BekkoBlack/red spots on white$30-$500
UtsuriBlack base with red, white, or yellow$75-$1,000
KinginrinScales’s sparkling koi$50-$2,000
Dragon ScaleThick armored-like scales$75-$2,500
Butterfly KoiLong flowing fins$15-$200
DoitsuLacking scales along the dorsal line$20-$500
OgonSingle-colored metallic koi$75-$1,000

Are Male Or Female Koi More Expensive?

When buying koi fish, the price usually doesn’t depend on whether they’re male or female. 

Here are some important things to know:

1. Breeding Pairs: Exceptionally, pairs of koi used for breeding can be more expensive because they can produce high-quality babies.

2. Age Matters: Koi fish show their gender when they’re around 3 years old. But by then, their price is mostly based on size, color, and lineage rather than gender.

3. Looks: Male and female koi look pretty much the same and both can be colorful and beautiful.

4. Behavior: Male and female koi behave similarly, so their personalities don’t affect their price.

5. Changing Sex: Sometimes male koi can become female later in life, so it’s not always easy to tell their gender.

Why Are Koi Fish So Expensive?

Koi fish can be super expensive because they are rare, hard to breed, and have lots of demand.

1. They’re Rare: Special breeders focus on breeding unique koi types in small numbers, making them rare and valuable.

2. Hard to Breed & Care For: It’s tough to breed koi with great colors and health. It is keeping them healthy and needs expensive filters, clean water, and special care.

3. Takes Time to Grow Up: Koi take 2-3 years to show their best colors. Only the healthiest ones survive, so it takes time and money.

4. Lots of Demand: People all over the world, especially in Japan and the USA, love koi. Big competitions with prizes make them even more popular.

5. They’re Fancy: Show-quality koi look amazing and are admired by collectors. Some sell for more than $200,000 because they’re so special.

What Factors Affect Koi Fish Cost?

Koi fish cost can change because of the size, breed, season, color, and quality. 

1. Size: Bigger koi are more expensive. Huge ones like 2 feet long, can be super pricey.

2. Color and Pattern: Some colors and patterns, like platinum ogon or red/white tancho, are more popular. The fancier the color and pattern, the higher the price.

3. Quality & Pedigree: Koi with good shape, skin, and fins from a famous family of koi are more valuable. Koi champions, used for breeding or showing, can cost a lot.

4. Breed: Some types of koi, like Gin Rin or Dragon Scale, are rare and cost more.

5. Season: Koi are pricier in spring because that’s when new ones come out. In the fall, they’re cheaper.

6. Health: Healthy koi without sickness or problems are worth more. Koi that have been checked and kept safe are even more valuable.

7. Supply & Demand: Koi picked by hand from special breeders are fancier and more expensive than those from big farms.

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How Much Are Koi Fish Worth?

Koi fish prices span a wide range, typically from $25 for small common koi, up to $200,000+ for huge champion show quality beauties from prestigious bloodlines.

How Much Are Koi Fish In Australia?

Koi prices in Australia generally range from AUD $15 up to $800, with imported exhibition show quality koi selling for AUD $3,000 to even over $10,000 per fish from specialty breeders and retailers. Factors like variety, coloration, confirmation, and size impact pricing significantly.

How Much Are Koi Fish Worth UK?

In the UK, koi prices typically range from £20 for small common varieties up to £5,000 for large premium show quality koi from specialist breeders.

How Much Are Large Koi Fish?

Large koi fish over 18 inches long generally sell for $250 to $800+ based on variety, color, quality, lineage, and further growth potential. The most prized jumbo championship koi from elite Japanese breeders can sell for over $50,000 each in some high-profile cases.

How Much Are Full-Grown Koi Fish Worth?

Full-grown koi beyond 2 feet long regularly sell for $800 to $5,000 each, with exceptionally patterned, flawless show winners and rare varieties garnering prices from $20,000 up to $200,000 at pedigree koi farms and specialty auctions.

How Much Is An 8-Inch Koi Worth?

An 8-inch koi is generally worth between $60-$150 depending on quality, variety, and coloration.

What Are The Most Expensive Koi?

The most expensive koi ever sold was a female Kohaku named S Legend, purchased for $2.2 million in 2020. Other varieties like Sanke, Showa, and Tancho can also reach values over $100,000 for championship specimens.

How Much Are Japanese Koi Fish?

Japanese koi from top breeders range from $200 up to $500,000 for Grand Champion quality beauties, with the highest values going to flawless, rare varieties like Kohaku, Sanke, and Showa over 36 inches long.

How Much Are Big Koi Fish Worth?

Big koi fish over 24 inches typically sell for $1,500 to $5,000, with top Grand Champion show quality jumbo koi worth $50,000 to $150,000+ in rare instances.

How Much Are Baby Koi Fish?

The price of baby koi fish can vary depending on their size, quality, and rarity, but they generally range from $5 to $20 each.

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