National Fish of India

We all love our country India, and its creatures so much, and so many times we want to find our national fish, dog, sports, etc. 

So, in this blog, I’ll answer your query: What is the National Fish of India, and why it is our national fish?

SHORT ANSWER: The Dolphin is our national fish of India which can be found in the holy “Ganga River“.

What is the National Fish of India?

Our national fish of India is the Dolphin which can be found in the holy river “Ganga”.

On 18 May 2010, the Ministry of Environment and Forests announced the “Dolphin” as our national fish. 

As you know, how cute is a dolphin in looks and it is a very intelligent mammal.

As of now, you can find “Dolphin” in two rivers: 

  1. Ganga River
  2. Indus River

Dolphins can be found in many countries including India, Bangladesh, and Nepal.

Dolphins love to be in the muddy water in South Asia. 

But, sadly I’ve to say that: They are at huge risk!

The dolphin’s population is decreasing because of the:

  •  Pollution in rivers
  • Changes in location from dams or rivers to in the fishing nets, or at the zoo to just to be showcased as a toy.

My Opinion on Dolphin Population: Frankly speaking, the main reason for the decreasing population of dolphins is “US”. 

Yes, you read it correctly, we “humans” are the primary reason.

Because we produce lots of waste, build our homes, fishing to feed our tongue not our stomach. 

Because of us, many animals and species populations are at risk. So, we have to change ourselves. 

Why is Dolphin National Fish of India?

Now, I’ll help you to know, why Dolphin is the national fish of India!

Although, there are so many reasons to be the dolphin to our national fish of India. But, here I’m telling you the main reasons which are its cultural importance, ecosystem caretakers, etc.

Know in detail:

1. Cultural Importance

From childhood, in your books, you may read many stories about dolphins or watch them on TV which are linked to your memories. Dolphins spread the importance of our holy river “Ganga”.

You can also see the symbol of dolphins in many regional temples like Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain temples to protect us, fertility for females, and well-being for all people.

2. Unique to India

Dolphin is a unique creature that can be found in the “Ganga”, and “Indus” rivers which makes it a special and unique river situated in South Asia. 

3. Facing Danger

As I already talked about above, there are huge drop in the population of dolphins which is also told by the IUCN.

And why the population has dropped, because of:

  • Pollution
  • Fishing 
  • Exporting 

That is why, the Government of India, declared dolphins as the national fish of India to increase awareness and support their protection.

4. Ecosystem Caretakers

Dolphins are very important to save our environment. They improve our river’s health & maintain the balance.

So, it’s important to protect them to protect our biodiversity.

Answers to Some Questions Related to National Fish

  • What is the National Fish of Uttar Pradesh: A Fish called “Chitala” is the national fish of Uttar Pradesh (UP).
  • Which is the National Fish of Andhra Pradesh: A Fish called “Korrameenu or Korramatta” is the national fish of Andhra Pradesh (AP).
  • Which is the National Fish of West Bengal: A Fish called “Hilsa or Ilish” is the national fish of West Bengal (WB).

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Is mackerel a national fish of India?

No, the national fish of India is not mackerel.

Which is India’s national sea animal?

India does not have a national sea animal.

National Fish of India scientific name

The scientific name of the National Fish of India, which is the Ganges River Dolphin, is Platanista gangetica.

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