Why Can Catfish Survive Without Water?

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  • Why Can Catfish Survive Without Water?
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In Short: Catfish have special features that help them survive in different environments. 

Why Can Catfish Survive Without Water?

Catfish can survive without water because of their breathing technique, moist skin, and slowing down their body functions.

  • Breathing air: Catfish have a special part in their gills that lets them breathe air like we do. This helps them get oxygen when they’re not in the water.
  • Moist skin: They have slimy skin that keeps them wet. This slimy stuff stops them from drying out when they’re not in the water for a long time.
  • Slowing down: When a catfish is out of the water, it slows down its body functions to save energy. It’s like pressing a pause button to survive until it gets back to water.
  • Holding their breath: Catfish can especially use their gills and body to survive without oxygen for some time. It’s like holding their breath until they can go back to water.

These cool tricks help catfish move around on land for a bit, maybe to find a new home. But they can’t stay out of water forever. Usually, they need to be back in water within 4-8 hours, or they won’t make it. 

What Fish Can Survive Out of Water the Longest?

Fishes that can survive out of water the longest are catfish, snakeheadfish, lungfish, and mangrove killifish.

  • Catfish: Thanks to their primitive lung and protective mucus layer, catfish can survive several days out of the water, given the right conditions.
  • Snakehead fish: With the ability to breathe air, move short distances on land, and a protective mucus membrane, snakehead fish can live for 4-5 days out of water if they stay damp.
  • Mangrove killifish: Equipped with thick, moist skin and a reduced metabolic rate, mangrove killifish have survived over 2 months out of water while residing in damp leaf litter.
  • Lungfish: Using a well-developed swim bladder that acts like a lung, lungfish can breathe air. The Australian lungfish is known to endure up to 4 years in a dried mucus cocoon, patiently waiting for water to return.
  • Climbing perch: Possessing a labyrinth organ for atmospheric air intake, climbing perch can last over 6 days out of water by staying damp under leaf cover.

Can Fish Live in Dead Water?

Fish can’t live very long in dirty water that doesn’t have enough oxygen and has harmful chemicals from decomposing waste.


  • Stagnant: Water without flow or circulation becomes low in dissolved oxygen. Fish rely on flowing, aerated water to breathe. Stagnation reduces the availability of oxygen essential for their survival.
  • Deoxygenated: Dead, still, water loses oxygen over time. Bacteria breaking down waste consume the available oxygen, leaving insufficient levels for fish. Oxygen is crucial for fish respiration.
  • Contaminated: Stagnant water accumulates harmful compounds like ammonia and nitrates from decomposing organic waste. These toxins can be lethal to fish and negatively impact their health.

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What do catfish need to survive?

Catfish need a suitable habitat, sufficient food sources, and clean water to survive.

Can catfish breathe out of water?

Catfish cannot breathe out of water as they rely on their gills for respiration.

Can catfish survive in tap water?

Catfish may struggle to survive in tap water due to the lack of proper pH levels and necessary minerals.

Which fish can live without water for 2 years?

The African lungfish is known for its unique ability to survive without water for up to two years.

Why can catfish survive without water in a tank?

Catfish can survive without water in a tank due to their ability to extract oxygen from the air through a specialized breathing organ called a labyrinth, allowing them to survive in low-oxygen environments.

How long can catfish survive in mud?

Catfish can survive for extended periods in mud due to their ability to extract oxygen from the sediment.

How do catfish survive without water?

Catfish cannot survive without water as they are highly adapted to aquatic environments and require water to breathe and maintain their bodily functions.

Which fish can live without water for 24 hours?

The lungfish is a type of fish that can survive for 24 hours without water.

Which Fish Survive Without Water?

Certain species of lungfish are known to survive without water for extended periods.

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