Is Mangur Fish Ban in India 2024?

Let me help you to know: Is mangur fish banned in India? If yes then Why!

Short Answer: Yes, mangur fish is banned in India but not everywhere.

Is Mangur Fish Ban in India?

Yes, but not everywhere in India.

However, there have been some restrictions and concerns around this fish in certain areas:

– In 2020, Delhi said you couldn’t keep, sell, or prepare mangur fish because they found of a bad chemical called formalin.

– Sometimes, during certain times of the year when mangur fish are having babies, some states say you can’t catch or sell them. They do this to help the fish population grow.

– In some places, people got sick after eating mangur fish. So, local leaders warned consumers to be careful about where they get their fish.

– Too many people catching mangur fish and pollution in the water is causing the mangur fish numbers to go down in some rivers. So, some places made rules like how many fish you can catch to keep the numbers from getting too low.

Overall, while some places have rules about mangur fish, the whole country doesn’t yet have a big rule against it.

It depends more on what’s happening in each specific area, like if the fish are safe to eat or if there are enough of them.

But in most places in India, you can still buy and eat mangur fish.

What is the Disease in Magur Fish?

Magur fish (walking catfish) can sometimes carry a germ called “Edwardsiella tarda”, which can make people sick if they eat contaminated fish. 

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Causes: The germ lives in polluted water and can infect the magur fish, getting into its flesh.

2. Symptoms: Upset stomach like feeling sick, throwing up, stomach pains, diarrhea, fever, and headache.

3. Severity: Usually, stomach problems go away after a few days, but if the germ spreads to wounds, it can get really serious, causing blood poisoning and tissue death.

4. Who’s at Risk: People with weak immune systems like kids, the elderly, or those already sick. Cuts or scratches while handling infected fish can make things worse.

5. Prevention: Make sure to clean and cook magur fish properly before eating, avoid fish from dirty water, and practice good hygiene when dealing with raw magur fish.

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Is Mangur banned in India?

Yes, but not everywhere in India.

What is magur fish called in English?

Magur Fish is also known as the Asian catfish in English.

Is magur fish ban in Maharashtra?

Yes, magur fish is banned in Maharashtra.

Is Indian magur fish good for health?

Indian magur fish is highly nutritious and considered good for health due to its high protein content and essential omega-3 fatty acids.

Magur fish side effects

There are no known side effects specifically linked to consuming Magur fish, but as with any other food, individual sensitivities or allergies may exist.

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