State Fish of Sikkim

We all eat fish in everyday life and enjoy it so much. But, as an Indian citizen, you should know the state fish of Sikkim

The “Katley” fish is the state fish of Sikkim which is also called the “Copper Mahseer”.

In 2021, the Sikkim Government declared “Katley” as the official state fish.

They did this to make people aware of how special it is and to focus on keeping it safe.

Here’s the thing: the Copper Mahseer (Sikkim state fish) isn’t just any fish. It’s a rare gem.

You can find it swimming around in the Teesta and Rangit rivers and their little streams all over Sikkim. 

But, the Katley fish is in danger! 

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) said it was endangered in 2014.

Imagine: if you had a favorite animal and suddenly found out it was in danger of disappearing forever. That’s how important it is to protect katley fish. 

They’re not a fish just —they’re a part of Sikkim’s identity and history. 

So, declaring it as the state fish was like saying, “Hey, let’s make sure our buddy ‘Katley’ sticks around for a long time.”

Sikkim Government Announced Reservoirs For Fishing

If you’re into fishing, you can get a license from the Directorate of Fisheries.

They’re issuing licenses to individual fishermen, fishermen co-operative societies, or even self-help groups who are interested.

It’s all in line with the rules they already have set up back in 1990, called the Sikkim Fisheries Rules.

And get this, the reservoirs they’re talking about are in some pretty awesome locations.

There’s Chungthang up in North Sikkim, Legshep in West Sikkim, and Dikchu and Rorathang over in East Sikkim.

So, whether you’re up for a mountain adventure or a serene fishing trip, Sikkim’s got you covered!

Time to grab your fishing gear and head out for some fun!

More Details on Katley Fish (Copper Mahseer As the State Fish)

1. Endangered Status: The Katley fish has been marked as endangered since 1992 by the National Bureau of Fish Genetic Resources (ICAR-NBGR), Lucknow.

The IUCN agreed with this classification in 2014. This shows that we need to take strict steps to protect it.

2. Diet: When it comes to food, ‘Katley’ is pretty chill. It’s like a foodie who enjoys a bit of everything.

Algae? Sure! Insect larvae? Why not! Crustaceans and tiny water bugs? Bring ’em on! It’s like having a buffet in the river!

3. Size and Appearance: And let me tell you, ‘Katley’ isn’t your average fish size. It can grow up to 1.2 meters long and weigh as much as 11 kilograms.

That’s one hefty fish! And what makes it even cooler is its color—it’s all shiny and coppery, kinda like a bar of chocolate. No wonder they call it the “Chocolate Mahseer” sometimes.

4. Fishing: Now, here’s where things get a bit tricky. ‘Katley’ might be a great catch for fishermen, but because it’s endangered, we’ve gotta be super careful.

That’s why Sikkim is trying to find a balance—making it the state fish while also making sure we’re not overfishing.

It is similar to suggesting that we should take care of our rivers and practice responsible fishing to ensure their well-being.

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What is the state fish of Sikkim’s scientific name?

The scientific name of the state fish of Sikkim, the Copper Mahseer, is Neolissochilus hexagonolepis.

What is the English name of the Katley fish?

The English name of the Katley fish is Copper Mahseer.

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